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Bestofficecleaning.com of Union City, New Jersey makes no representations or warranties except as expressly set forth in this website due to the variable nature of viruses, the uncertainty of the science and the lack of available research about the efficacy of cleaning technology, customer is purchasing a process and not any specific result. Based on presently-available information, the process is reasonably believed to be effective, but only until the work areas are reoccupied, at which point, they can become contaminated again and pose a life and safety hazard due to circumstances beyond bestofficecleaning.com of Union City, New Jersey control. Bestofficecleaning.com of Union City, New Jersey shall not be liable for microorganisms found in the property after a human has entered the work area after completion of the work. Bestofficecleaning.com of Union City, New Jersey cannot and does not warrant or represent that every virus or microorganism will be removed, eradicated or rendered non-viable. Complete removal is not realistic and is not the object of the work. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) warns that: “COVID-19 is a new disease and we are still learning how it spreads, the severity of illness it causes, and to what extent it may spread in the United States.” (https://www.CDC.gov/COVID-19/2019-ncov/prepare/transmission.html) customer accepts and assumes the risk that the disease will spread, even in ideal conditions. Customer therefore, customer understands and acknowledges there are inherent limitations to the work and that currently, there are no established methods to affordably confirm the eradication of the virus from a building. COVID-19 is widespread in the environment and cannot be abated. Customer agrees to regularly check for CDC updates about the spread of the disease and proper control measures and to take all appropriate actions to protect occupants, including closure of the property, as dictated by the latest guidance material from authoritative sources. Customer hereby releases bestofficecleaning.com of Union City, New Jersey and the released parties from failure of the work to achieve the desired results. By using this website, customer assumes all liability and associated risks.

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