Best Winter Cleaning Tips For Keeping Your Retail Business Healthy and Clean

Best Winter Cleaning Tips For Keeping Your Retail Business Healthy and Clean

As winter sneaks upon us, here are some retail business cleaning tips for keeping your store healthy and clean – especially now more than ever because of the pandemic.

Provide cleaning products for your personnel and customers

Highly touched surfaces like counters can become a rapid storage and transmission ground for viruses and germs, leading to more sick days that, in turn, lowers productivity.

Thus, ensure that employees keep these areas clean and healthy. That means dusting, wiping down, and disinfecting desks, counters, light switches, doorknobs, and other spots.

Provide your employees with non-toxic cleaners and effective disinfectants for the same, and remind them to wash hands and sanitize afterward.

The same goes, of course, for your customers. Give them hand sanitizer, and ask them to keep social distancing. 

Changing Air Filters

The HVAC system runs more during the winter, and along comes an accumulation of dust, molds, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants on all air filters. 

If left to accumulate in high levels, the HVAC system will be ineffective, not to mention that these contaminants can also be drawn into the store– causing health havoc once inhaled.

Note; contaminated air is riskier during winter as compared to summer due to the low air density. Studies have shown that the air is drier in winter as the water vapor usually changes in water droplets. That, in turn, lowers the air density and can have germs and viruses suspended on the air longer – increasing their chances of being inhaled.

Thus, clean your HVAC system and monitor and change air filters as regularly as needed. Replace existing filters with those recommended by your system’s manufacturer.

Replace or renew your protective gear

Since the pandemic started, stores have updated their spaces to protect their employees and customers. Protective screens between cashiers and buyers are essential items to keep in the best shape, free from scratches, and ideally positioned.

Other essential accessories like social distancing wall and floor signals, contactless payment methods, and everything involved in delivery and pick-up services must be maintained appropriately to ensure they are working fine.

Do the appropriate reparations to your physical accessories and check the functioning of online apps to ensure your customers’ safest experience.

Paying Attention to Seasonal Maintenance

Think of the messes cold weather mixed with snow and ice can do.

You'll have employees and customers taking in all sorts of dirt and moisture. Make sure you have quality doormats that can absorb mud, road salt, the brunt of the water, and more. 

Rotate and change the floor mats as needed. Position them in entryways and other locations in the store where people are frequently passing by.

Note non-carpeted surfaces (such as tile) can get slippery from snow and water brought in from outdoors. Thus, avoid lawsuits by putting in measures that can increase such areas’ slip resistance this winter.

Protecting and Cleaning the Floors

Besides adding entry mats, you should keep dust, moisture, and salt off of the floor. Keep the floor clean, dry, and vacuumed.

If it’s allowed to settle for long, dirt and salt can break down the floor material’s fibers –forcing you to replace it prematurely.

Besides, dirty floors are a breeding ground for germs, viruses, and other pathogens, increasing their spread in already highly-infectious winter weather.

Cleaning Windows

Winter weather is tough on windows – especially in snow or ice prone areas. Snow and ice can quickly fall and accumulate on the window panes, which blocks the sunlight. If left for long, the employees will have to use electrical lighting, which will increase your energy bills.

Furthermore, the weight of accumulated debris, snow, and ice can break the window – leading to extra repair expenses or, worse, cause injuries resulting from the broken glasses.

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