Best Cleaning Practices To Ensure A Safe Childcare Center

Best Cleaning Practices To Ensure A Safe Childcare Center

When parents leave their child in your childcare center, they trust their kid's safety to you. This year, daycare providers can't lower their guard. Preventing accidents and diseases (like COVID-19) requires all your staff's effort. In this blog, we gather the best practices to keep children, parents, and employees safe.

Follow Recommendations

Since last year's health crisis outbreak, cleaning has become the top priority. Daycare facilities have been following strict protocols and procedures to ensure the minimal risk of COVID-19. If you are operating a childcare facility, be sure to follow the official guideline and any updates.

Set a Cleaning Schedule

When you have the same cleaning routine, it's less likely that you skip a spot. That's why your staff must follow a detailed schedule. It's crucial! You can communicate these cleaning procedures to your clients to help them feel more comfortable about leaving their child in your facility.

Ensure Your Staff Follow Procedures

You already know that washing your hands is a way to prevent infections, but this only works when done correctly. Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting in childcare settings will ensure everyone's safety. Ensure that your staff is well-trained to carry out these hygienic tasks.

Use the Right Products

You need to use the right cleaning products to guarantee a safe place for children and your staff. You can consult the approved disinfectants for COVID-19 here. Be sure to read and follow the product's warnings and instructions and never mix chemicals unless the label says you can. Deep clean only when kids are not around; this way, you will prevent intoxication and accidents caused by harmful fumes or noxious substances. 

Provide Disinfected Toys

Toys can be a vehicle for viruses and germs. Disinfecting them before use will help stop diseases from spreading. It's better if kids play only with individually-assigned toys. Also, disinfect every toy before handing them to another kid. Sanitize at least once a day and store everything that can't be disinfected with approved and safe products.

Beddings and Other Objects Should Be Individual

Apart from toys, children may be using blankets and other bedding. All items should be separated and labeled for individual use and disinfected at least every week. Launder all blankets, pillows, and other fabric objects once a day.

Decrease the Roles of Your Staff

A childcare center has nursery, preschool, cleaning, and cooking duties. You don't want someone that just changed diapers to make your meal, right? Defining who is doing each task is crucial now, especially due to the new safety procedures, like screening children on arrival. Delimiting duties guarantees that every assignment is done correctly and reduces health risks.

Open Communication With the Parents

Most parents want to know if their children will be safe in childcare. If you let your clients know what your safety procedures are, they will feel better. Promoting communication between employees and parents will facilitate the childcare center activities. 

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